Boo’s Last Dance

This past weekend was a busy one, chaotic actually. Boo had baseball, recital and a school carnival. It was a running weekend, but still very fun.

We are officially done with dance. No more class, no more painful costumes. No more personal pain (for me). It is nice to be done, even though I cried last night saying goodbye to one of the mom’s. It was hard.

With Boo’s short hair, we have spent a good couple months trying to figure out the best way to give her some lift so she doesn’t look so blah for pictures and such.

We finally found a trick! Velcro curlers that you leave in until the last possible moment. The girl had some great “poof” and looked wonderful. Plus, I had a great curler shot!

The show was great, but no new music like I normally hear, last year being the best year for it. It was popular songs for the most part, nothing original. That was disappointing.

Boo’s class struggled, but had fun and that is the most important part. I don’t care if she does things perfectly, as long as she has fun. It did look like she had more fun back-stage than on-stage. But that is why we are moving on from dance.

I am proud of Boo for finishing the year, even though she wasn’t having as much fun anymore. That is something that we have instilled in our children…finish what they start.

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