And the beat goes on

Blogging has been light this past week, and it will be again for the next little while. Things are moving so fast, that I need to step back and live a bit of it.

Yes, we are moving. It is a long story, and one that I just can’t put into comprehendable words at this point. In time, and soon I promise.

We did have baseball last night, and I still haven’t thawed out from that yet. It was cold and windy, but the kids didn’t mind a bit. Boo had her first hit of the season, and even caught a couple. It was a great time.

Tomorrow is Hunter’s State Tournament for bowling…talk about a nervous little boy (if anyone tells him that I called him a little boy I will deny deny deny!!). We had a great talk tonight about what it all means, he remembers that I have been there many times before. I was impressed that he listened to me, and took it all in. I can only hope that tomorrow he remembers it still.

It is only 9:30 and I am ready to crash. Tomorrow will be a busy day, keep Hunter in your thoughts!

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