What I learned this week – Week full of wonderful

There has been so many things going on this week, between getting Boo ready for recital, garage sales and family birthday parties. Plus, I guess I have to squeeze work in there somewhere…if I have too.

What did I learn through all this… a few things.

– A 24 year old cousin will love a surprise party, but with his wonderful heart comment that he wished the young cousins were there.

– The minute you start looking for a specific thing at garage sales, that’s when you WON’T find it. Of course.

– When you are frustrated and angry with a school, it might be better to NOT go to conferences…I’m just saying it was better without me.

– The only reason Boo still goes to dance is for her friends. She didn’t smile once on stage last night. Good call on moving on next year.

– Everywhere we looked, there was hockey equipment for sale this weekend. It must be a sign.

– When massive amounts of kitty litter are shoved into your space, a migraine will follow. A bad one. I can’t even talk about it except to say our new neighbors are not my favorite people right now.

– Trying to plan is not easy when the bank won’t give you an answer on the house…two more days than we move on. We have a move date people…no time to wait on the moronic bank now.

– With the move we planned some huge changes. Exciting, happy (I hope) and worthwhile changes. It will be wonderful.

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