What I Learned This Week – Choices

When you give your child all her options, she will choose what is best for her.

As parents we want what is best for our child. We want to be able to say 10 years from now, that we gave her every option that was out there. She was able to experience everything the world has to offer. How can that happen if we don’t give our children options.

Boo has been participating in one activity for 4 years, and she is only 7. We want her to try different things, to see what she really loves to do. Plus, she seems bored and only wants to be there to play with her friends. Well, one of her friends won’t be back next year, and another is moving to a different class. She realized that it wouldn’t be the group of 6 that have been together since day one.

What does she want to do…play football…or hockey. I think Boo wants to hit someone.

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