Forget the budding trees, it’s garage sale season!!

Can you smell that? The excitement, the anticipation and the Mom’s gearing up for another great season.

No, not simply Spring.

It’s Garage Sale Season!!!!

This Saturday, Boo and I went to our first one and it was a success. She was in dire need of a new spring coat, and we found the perfect one!

Each year I get so excited for the start of Garage Sales. I go through the kids spring and summer clothes getting an idea of what they need for the upcoming seasons. I even pull out the fall and winter clothes to put away.

Anything they haven’t worn since last summer (meaning t-shirts) gets put in a box for our own garage sale. Things that are too small, worn out or that Mom simply can not stand gets put in that box too.

Once I have my list in hand, I hit the door. Garage sales are my favorite “thrift store”. We found Hunter’s current winter coat for $5 last year, simply because the hood was missing. It is a $60 coat that didn’t look worn at all.

There are some simple tips to make your Garage Sale trip a success:

  • Know where the sales are. Driving around in circles is not the best way to work the sales. Have a game plan and plan your route.
  • Bring cash in smaller bills than a twenty. I know when I start my garage sale each morning, at least 3 out of 5 people will only have a twenty. This depletes your cash supple very quickly. BRING SMALL BILLS. You will be a sellers best friend.
  • Go as early as you can. The most sought after items sell early, so be prepared to get there when the sales open (this also ties into planning your route).
  • Do a drive-by. Most garage sales have a majority of their larger items outside. If you don’t see kids items outside, you probably won’t inside either.
  • Don’t be afraid to barter! If you see something that is marked at one price, but you are willing to only pay something else ASK. It doesn’t hurt, and most sellers will take a barter.
  • Plan for the upcoming seasons. If your child is a size 4, but is due for a growth spurt, buy a size bigger, or two! We have clothes for Boo for two years from now all because of garage sales. While some kids don’t have set growth spurts, you will always need jeans and t-shirts. Stock up if you find a great price.
  • Seek out the school and church sales!!While there is normally a small fee to get in, it is SO WORTH IT. I don’t get clothes at these, but I do get a majority of the housewares and books for the entire year. I went to one last year where I found a TON of vintage Tupperware, a weakness of mine.
  • Bring a friend. If you are at a large sale, or one of the school/church sales this can help you cover more ground. If you are each looking for something in particular you can both seek it out.

Most important, have a good time. Garage Sales are a fun way to get the things you need for a fraction of the cost.

Next weekend, the first neighborhood sale of the year…hope it doesn’t snow again.

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