Hunters the man!!

Bowling is done for the season.

Last week was the last week of regular league. Hunter did make it to state though, so he has one more big weekend in a few weeks.

For as long as I can remember, the last week of bowling is a 8-Pin No-Tap tournament. That means that if you knock down 8 (or 9 or 10) pins on your first ball, it is a strike. Last year Hunter placed 4th in the tournament by getting a very high score and series.

This year, he just might place even higher.

First game – 245 (Holy Cow!!)
Third game – 185 (wow!)

Second game made me want to fall over I was so proud of him and so shocked! He got a 300!! That is a PERFECT GAME! That is 12 STRIKES IN A ROW! Of those 12 strikes, 6 were “natural” strikes, meaning all 10 pins in the first shot.

I am not allowed to stand at Hunter’s lane to watch him bowl, I always seem to jinx him when I do. I usually sit down by Boo and watch from a distance.

This week, Big Sis sat by me, laughing as I almost choked on my cheeseburger (mmm…bowling alley food….). I held my breathe each time Hunter walked the approach, willing the pins to fall down each time they were struck by the ball.

I am so proud of Hunter. He has worked so hard this year, and having 6 natural strikes in a game is pretty amazing. The coach even made him is own 300 Ring, with the date “engraved” and everything.

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