What I learned this week – Randomness

This week went by in a flash. Going out of town, watching bowling and seeing a movie last night makes things jumble together. This week I learned some important lessons, and some silly ones as well.

  • At 29 years old, a person can still have a giggle attack as they are going to bed. Especially if the person sleeping next to you started it.
  • Spending 8 hours in two days in a car can make you really appreciate the truck drivers that rule the road most days. I don’t know how they do it.
  • Finding out that your 12 year old made it to state for bowling will blow your mind time and time again. Hunter is such a rock star.
  • Watching the same child bowl he game of his life during the last week of bowling will make you burst with pride. His “ring” is sitting on the dresser for everyone to see. More on that later.
  • When sitting at the dentist, don’t be surprised when he tells you that Boo has a chipped tooth. It really isn’t a shocker at all, especially after this conversation on Friday.
  • Be grateful when Hubby agrees to tape Oprah two days in a row…I can’t wait to get DVR.

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