As in…to shank

Tonight I got home from work to see the kids (and hubby) out enjoying the wonderful weather. I hated to tear Boo away from it, but shower time called. She headed up, and I followed (problems with getting ALL the shampoo out)

Once she was done and dressed in clean (and matching) clothes, we headed back down to dry her hair. It takes a while even though it is short, she has a TON of hair.

As I put her into a loving headlock, my nail caught her cheek. Tears followed rather quickly, so I knew that it had hurt. There was a dent in her cheek (matching the hockey stick skid mark on the other side…groan)and it was bright red.

Then, all she said was…

“Mom…You shanked me with your nail”

I looked at her, and LAUGHED SO HARD! I think Big Sis and I might be quoting that commercial to much…

The cheek was fine shortly after, but this story will make me giggle for some time I think.

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