Yanni Voices CD

Remember when I raved about Yanni Voices?

Now that I have the CD, it is even more obvious how outstanding this group of artists are, with Yanni’s instrumentals playing right along.

Thanks to One2One Network, my CD arrived just days after the release.

It has been playing non-stop since.

The vocal arrangements have moved me many times, and I have been caught up in the music often. I have even played it for my kids, and they love it as well.

These young artists are outstanding. Their vocal ranges and achievements are unparalleled to anything I have heard in a long time. They are able to bring a mood to a song, and bring the words to life.

While many of the songs are in other languages, you can still hear the emotion and meaning behind them. Music transcends all language barriers when sung with power and emotion. You don’t have to know the language to understand the words, simply listen.

This is a CD that I would definitely suggest you run out and get, or order.

Don’t forget that Yanni Voices is now on tour and I wish I could see them when they are here. If you have the opportunity, take it!

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