We Are Here

I am sitting at the hotel while the rest of the group is out and about. My back is revolting after the 3 hour car ride and needed the break. Thankfully Theresa brought her laptop, because day-time tv is awful. The hotel has Dish, but still. I can’t figure out how to work the darn thing, so I am sitting here listening to The OC an checking e-mails and blogs.

The ride down was sort of long (for my back at least) and uneventful. The music was blaring and laughter was flowing. Spending the time with 3 other females is a great break, and one that was very much needed.

Lunch was wonderful, but more on that when I can hook my camera up at home. No picture to share with the stories!

While I was at lunch a couple of the girls staked out the tour buses and got to meet a couple of the guys. They were very excited when I got back from lunch. Not sure where they headed off to this time, but they will be back in time to get ready for dinner and the concert.

Time to lay down and relax a bit before they get back. Once that happens no more down time!

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