What I learned this week – Hunter

When you child gets braces, they will loose weight.

Well, when your child gets two teeth pulled, spacers put in and braces put on they will for sure loose weight, even if they have no weight to loose.

For the past…well forever we have been trying to put some weight on Hunter. He will gain like a mad man in the winter and it slows to a crawl in the summer time. Not only do we have regular weight, but Hunter is adding muscle weight all the time. The kid is bulking up like crazy.

So, when we find out that Hunter lost 1/2 a pound since December you would think it is not a huge deal, except Hunter weighed himself in February and it is really 5 pounds since December…or more likely since the end of February when his teeth were pulled.

So, this weekend after much research I found some ideas to bulk him up a bit, or try to at least.

One idea that we had been doing I learned from An Iowa Mom long ago. Her kids deal with the same issues as Hunter, and she got a great piece of advice:

Eat a peanut butter sandwich every night right before you go to bed

The “right before you go to bed” part is key. You don’t want the kids to burn it off, so they eat, brush teeth and hit the hay.

It works, trust me on that one. Hunter gained like crazy when we did this.

But no more peanut butter for Hunter, at least not for two years.

So I am on the hunt. I started adding butter to everything for the kid, having pasta more and forcing yogurt in his handsome face. We are adding cheese to as much as we can and making snacks that have a bit more bulk to them.

The kid has always been a twig, but we are working to get something on him. He is 12, and weighs the same as his 9 year old sister (at his mom’s).

His doctor wants to see some bounce back come May, so we have a month.

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