You Capture – Reflection

It is time for another week of You Capture, on it’s new day Thursday! This weeks assignment was Reflection.

To me, reflection was looking in the mirror, so I made myself take a step out of my comfort zone and look at other ways to reflect. Water, glass, mirrors and shadow. I took some fun pictures, but these three are my favorite.

First up is a goofy one of Boo. Give her a mirror and she will go crazy. I love her sticking her tongue out at herself…or maybe it is me.

Here is another one of Boo, but she got distracted by the rainbow of marker stains on her hands. I love the one eye in the mirror, simple and still so focused.

This last one was taken at a house we looked at this weekend. There was a pool of water on a concrete slab, and the railing looked amazing bouncing off the water.

For more You Capture shots, head on over to I Should be Folding Laundry.

*all editing done at Picnik where I am still learning!*

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