This weekend was fabulous! Busy, chaotic and wonderful.

Hunter’s mouth is doing well. He still has some aching and limited eating, but other than that he is a rock star. I always think something is going to be much worse than it is.

He did bite his inner cheek/lip on Saturday. Normally it wouldn’t have been in the way, but braces put it right on the edge. Major pain. We figure he was fine though, since he was in the middle of bowling his BEST GAME EVER!

Hunter shot a 176 this weekend. A 176!! It was incredible. If he hadn’t bit his lip and thrown a gutter (he was walking his approach when it happened) he just might have had a 200. It was amazing.

Boo did well too, above average all three games. She was so excited to bring her ball home for the tournament next weekend, and reminded me 5 times today to pick up her shoes this week (Yes dear…).

Last night both kids slept over at their uncles house for the first time ever. They were freaking out with excitement. Homemade pizza, movies and pancakes will make any kids a little nutzo.

Hubby and I took in a band at a local bar. We have seen them before, but this time I was a bit more focused, lol. We had a great time visiting with friends, dancing and just relaxing after the busy weekend.

Today the kids came home, played outside until this nasty wind picked up and then Boo left for her Grandpa’s house. She was even more excited to spend two days in Wisconsin. She will plant some seeds, play with the animals and have some great lovin time.

After bringing Hunter home, Hubby and I went out to our favorite restaurant to have a nice quiet dinner…alone. It was wonderful. We got a lot of talking done, great food and some great time alone together.

Things might be crazy at work this week, won’t know until tomorrow. If blogging is light, I will be back I promise! Hope you all have a great Monday!

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