What I Learned this week – Dance Costumes

This week was a quiet one, thank goodness! While there is always chaos, there was a little less running this week. It made for quiet nights, and a couple good nights sleep (even after a rough one).

This week I learned an important lesson when it comes to dance costumes.

Boo has a VERY long torso, very long. Her shirts are always a size bigger than her bottoms, purely for length. This can make finding leotards and swim suits that fit a challenge. We end up doing two piece swim suits for the most part (even though we lucked out this past summer, I heart Target).

At the beginning of this dance year, I decided not to get Boo a leotard, it was to hard. She didn’t have to have one, most girls her age don’t wear them anymore anyway. Plus, when we got one that fit her length-wise, it didn’t fit her actual body, and wouldn’t last long.

In November the class was measured for costumes. They are uber cute this year, fringe and fun patterns. Each year we have had to do some sort of alteration to Boo costume, add to the straps, add the bottom area or add to the neck area just so it wouldn’t be to tight. And, each year I ordered her costume big.

In the three months it took for the costumes to come, she would grow. And they wouldn’t fit. Or they wouldn’t fit by recital time.

Not fun.

This year I had them order her costumes two inches bigger than she measured. One costume is a one piece, one is a two piece.

Did I take that into account.

Of course not.

Her tap is a one piece and it fits a little big (but you can’t tell at all), but perfect in most areas. We have to add to the leg holes a little, poor thing had lines after wearing it for 10 minutes.

Her jazz costume…crap.

Her jazz costume is a two piece. Boy shorts and long shirt/mini dress type thing. Only Boo’s looks like a full dress.

A little big.

A lot big.

I will be cutting, pinning and fixing this costume just a bit (a lot).

Note to self, if Boo’s costume next year is a two piece, let them order the size she measures.

Thank goodness for my new sewing machine.

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