Gadgets and more gadgets

In today’s world, there are gadgets for everything and everyone. There are more powerful food processors for the kitchen lover, new video game systems for the gamer and new electronics for the techie.

How much can a person have.

How much does a person really NEED.

I found this article on MSNBC today, and it made sense. The 7 Gadgets that make you look like a Jerk (7 fairly common gizmos you might just look cooler without).

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the Blackberry. But if one more co-worked whips it out while they are talking to me I might scream!

Bluetooth is cool, but not when you are in a building. Then, you simply look like someone who talks to themselves. The best is when I was at the mall and someone was YELLING into their Bluetooth, that was funny to watch.

TiVo (DVR) is the most wonderful invention EVER. We don’t have it yet, but we will once we move. But, the article does say that TiVo is great, but the people that talk about their TiVo that would could all do without. On that, I agree.

Apple’s MacBook Air…I have no idea about this one. Never even heard of it…I think am drooling over the MacBook’s to much to notice.

Ipod Accessories have gotten a bit out of hand, even more the music lover in me. If my Ipod was a Zune I would feel the same way, to much going on. There are stereos, adapters and all the fun (but extreme) ear-buds.

Linux…the only thing I know about this is that one of my friends uses it. She tried to convert me…I resisted. I don’t get it, and don’t care to at this point. I am trying to understand FireFox…that is enough for now.

Segway…I thought these went away. Didn’t the guy that invented them sell the company because it wasn’t making any money? I know that park/city tours love them, and they work well. Mail men use them on their routes, but for normal people they are an extreme.

There are other gadgets that I am sure annoy some people, but these are the ones that make the list.

What gadgets do you think push the limits?

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