Road Trip Soundtracks

Next month a couple ladies and I are taking an overnight road trip. No, I will not tell you yet what we are doing, BUT I am freakishly giddy with excitement. I know, I am strange, but SERIOUSLY – Very excited here. Plus, I get to meet Melody…and Paula if I can convince her!

So, here is my dilemma. We are looking at an almost 4 hour drive, Right now we have 51 songs ready to put on a cd for the “Road Trip Soundtrack”, but I want MORE! You know I am a music hound, and I am spacing on ideas for more. We have Kelly Clarkson, Led Zeppelin, Rascal Flatts, Pat Benatar and Nelly already on board (plus so many more), but would love to hear your suggestions.

What do you think is your perfect road trip song? All three of us like a wide variety of music so we are open to pretty much anything. I even debated putting a Yanni song on there, but didn’t know how they would appreciate that one.

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