Home and Garden

Yesterday Boo, Ma and I spent the afternoon at the local Home & Garden Show. I am in desperate need for yard inspiration, it has been 9 years since I have had a say in what gets planted and what doesn’t.

I also have the slight problem of killing any plant that grows…hopefully that will only apply indoors and not out. I did successfully have a tomato plant years ago. Hubby and Boo were in hog heaven that summer.

So, we wandered around looking at all the home improvement companies, and made our way to the garden section.

Boo found every playground company that was there, and played on each and every sample equipment they had. She loved it! She also found the John Deer section.

Sorry, dear. No riding lawnmower for you!

When we finally found all the flowers and fountains we had a hard time leaving. The flowers were amazing, each setting off it own fragrance and color pallet.

These are ones that Ma and I weren’t sure about. What are they? They are gorgeous, and colors popping. The blue coming off the white sets them apart.

These are Blue Hydrangeas. It is hard in Minnesota to achieve the blue color, most end up turning pink or white. It was wonderful to see these.

All in all it was a great time. We saw so much, and learned a ton. I even got a couple great candles I will tell you about later. I can’t wait to have my own garden and growing space.
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