What in the World…

Hubby and I have looked at a ton of houses over the past few weeks, some great. And then there are the ones that would be great, but need some work. I wanted to show you some of the “What in the world” pictures from house hunting, they are just to good not to share.

This one was a GREAT house, but the exterior was just too damaged to put it into real contention. It looked like hail damage that never got fixed….all over the house.

We liked this house a lot, but there was to much work that it needed. The layout was great, and the location was perfect. The backyard had a large hill, but that wasn’t a huge deal. If not for the extra work…

But, the reason this one is on here is simple. The furnace…it is on it’s side. It is suspended from the ceiling of this little room where it couldn’t stand upright no matter what. Look at the light bulb…I kid you not!

The inside of this house was our favorite, and would have made an offer if something didn’t stand in our way. But, the inside was also full of stuff. This is the trend right now, especially with all the foreclosures in the area. The bank didn’t clean it, and won’t until it sells. Doesn’t make sense to me, especially when you walk in and see this:

This last house is wonderful. Hardwood floors throughout, a large kitchen and lots of garage space for Hubby. The windows are newer, along with the roof, and the siding was in great shape. It would need a little work, but not as much as most of the others.

One thing that had us all tilting our heads and saying “What in the world…” was in the laundry room. There are two doorways to this room, and on one end is storage and the old well room. On the other is…well…

A fully functional toilet.

Overlooking the washer and dryer.


We are still on the prowl, and not rushing this. We want to make sure we find the right house for us. I will share more “What in the world” pictures as they come…and I am sure there will be a few.

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