He loves me…He really loves me!!!

Over the past few months, my ipod shuffle has been slowly kicking it. Slowly, and quite painfully. Well, painful for me.

Almost four years ago, Hubby got me an Ipod Shuffle for Mother’s Day. He knew I had wanted one, and knew my need for music everywhere I went. My Ipod has been everywhere with me: the cabin, Vegas, work and even in the car when I had an adapter.

It was my constant companion, and now it is dying.

People at work would give me a hard time when they saw my Ipod, since it was the 1st Generation Ipod Shuffle, it was a stick…but it was my lovely music filled stick.

This past week my Ipod has been shutting off at random times, deciding not to load songs and just being a pain in my butt. I was starting to get a bit bitter, and wanting to throw my Ipod against the wall.

Yesterday, Hubby gave me the green light to get a new one…the one I have been pining over for months.

The Ipod Nano, 4th Generation.

It is so pretty.

It’s blue.

I love it!!!

I have been playing with it all day long, and I can’t stop!

Hubby may regret letting me get it…just maybe.

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