A Violation

I was all ready to get my Wordless Wednesday post up this morning, but that is not going to happen anymore.

There is a new feeling of violation today. One that I have never felt before, and hope to never feel again.

Someone broke in last night, and now I don’t feel 100% safe in my own home. That is a feeling I can’t stand.

They kicked/broke in through our door. The deadbolt was completely taken out, the Police have it now (hoping for finger prints, but doubt it. The intruder picked it up and put it on the book shelf.). Our door is ruined, along with the door frame.

I am angry, scared and feeling very vulnerable. It is not a feeling I like, and never want to feel it again.
We are waiting on our maintenance guy to come jerry-rig the door until the new one can come in, it will take a couple days. We have flags put on our accounts, and are watching them like crazy. Hopefully nothing will happen there.
Hubby is mad, and I don’t blame him. Not only did I sleep through it all, he wasn’t home to take care of it. He wakes up at the drop of a hat, he would have been downstairs in a flash.
Now, to run to the bank, the leasing office and then finally to work. It is going to be a long day.
Can we move now???
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