The cakes were a HIT!!!

I am still not fully recovered from the kids birthday party on Friday. So much work, and the stress was just rolling off of me. It always seems to go smoothly, but I still stress and freak out just a little bit. I wanted to show you the finished products of the kids cakes, they were fabulous! I always some change to cakes, to make it my own. It is such a good time, and I learn new baking tricks each and every time.

First up is Hunter’s skateboard cake. I found the design on Family Fun, which is where I find a ton of fun recipes and craft idea. I was nervous about his cake, because it called for piping, and I had never done that before.

But, it turned out fabulous and Hunter LOVED IT! He even like the colors, which I was terrified he would revolt against. Look at that piping! For the first time, I did pretty stinkin good if I do say so myself!

Next up, Boo’s cake, Bug Mountain. This one is also from Family Fun, the only place I could find a bug cake that wasn’t a prissy little lady bug. This was pretty simple, just a 13×9 cake with a round bowl cake on top. I cut the top cake to make it look more like a dirt mound, and added gummy worms and spiders so the kids could just eat them.

Boo loved it! She thought having a bug cake was even better than last years Lego cake, so bonus for Mom! It was simple and didn’t stress me out like Hunter’s, but was still a blast to make.

I can’t wait to figure out next years cakes. It is so much fun, even if I turn into a crazy baking lady for a couple days.
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