What I learned this Week – lists

This week is historically a rough week for me. Both kids have birthday’s, me and Hunter have our anniversary and we have the family birthday party. This year I am throwing the Valentine party at Boo’s school into the mix.

On top of all that, we are still looking at houses. That is cutting into my planning time, and my list writing time. Not a good thing.

How am I keeping it all straight? This year I am trying something new. Major lists. Everywhere.
I have one at work to keep me on track and focused. What I wouldn’t give to have those 8 hours to get things done around the house. This list will make sure I get my daily work done, and give me extra tasks if the daily work is small.
I have a list on my counter that is simply a to do list. What I have to get done this week, and when. I also have a To-Get list going as well. We are having a fruit salad (yummy yummy) and I didn’t get the fruit yet. Plus, I need plastic bugs for Boo’s cake.
I have my food list, what we are bringing and what everyone else has so generously agreed to bring as well. I have my RSVP list, and my packing lists (we are staying at a hotel on Friday night).
The last few years have been very stressful at birthday time, and I am trying so hard to avoid that this year. Crabby Mommy is not how to celebrate! This has been a wonderful and hard lesson to learn, but I am getting there!
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