My Boo

My Baby.

Today my baby turns 7.

I have a hard time believing that the little girl that looked at me with such innocent eyes 7 years ago is growing up.

Boo has started to turn into such a little young lady. She is kind and loving. She worries for her friends, and cares for her family. She is a tom boy, and so very girly. She loves her bugs, but loves to play dress up too.

This year, my little girl lost her first and second tooth. She learned how to ride her bike, shot a 99 in bowling and got her first autograph. She spent two weeks at her grandpa’s, and one of the those weeks at camp. She went horseback riding, got her first sprained appendage and was voted onto student council. Boo had strep three times over the past year, the stomach bug twice, countless ear infections and numerous injuries.

Boo, I love you more than the light that shines. You are my baby, and will always be. I look in your eyes, and I see love, honesty and trust. I love to watch to sit and work, read or just lay. You are always so peaceful, even when you are crazy busy.

I love that you are clumsy like me, want to be outdoors like your Dad, and love your brother with your whole heart. I love your patience when you learn new things, and your frustration when you can’t get it right the first time. I love you for your mind, how smart you are and how clever you can be. Even though we often wonder where you came from, we are incredibly proud of you.

Happy Birthday Boo. You are such a wonderful little girl

The last time Boo had the stomach flu, she had to miss her school program. Here is a video of her doing the Winter Hokey Pokey in our living room. Ignore the laundry piles!!

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