Pampered Chef Cut N Seal

My kids are not picky eaters. There are very few things they won’t eat, and that is only before they get the “You get what you get and you don’t have a fit” talk. They will eat what gets put in front of them.

There is one or two exceptions, but those are so minor that I don’t worry about them and allow them.

Boo’s big one, is crusts. Period. It doesn’t matter what kind of bread, toasted or not. She does not like crusts. For a while I let her pull them off, but then one of the lunch supervisors said something to us. They didn’t know if we knew she was doing this, and thought it would be a problem.

I told my mother in law about this, and she had an easy solution. She pulled out the Cut-N-Seal from Pampered Chef. She had ordered it long ago for the grand kids and never used it.

The Cut-N-Seal is so easy to use, and works wonderfully. Boo will never have a crusted sandwich when I make her lunch.

Now I have used this for a few months, and have never used it with anything but Peanut Butter and Jelly. Don’t know if it will work with meat or anything that needs more room, but PBJ is perfect.

Step 1 – Spread PB&J on the middle portion of the bread. Don’t go all the way to the edge, as that will be tossed. I put Peanut Butter on both sides, to have a guard against jelly seeping out.

Step 2 – Put your two halves together, and put the Cut-N-Seal in the middle of your sandwich. Press down firmly. No need to turn, but I have found it comes off the discarded pieces easier if you give a little twist.

Step 3 – Pull away the crust and surrounding pieces. Eat or toss, completely up to you (I usually eat as my breakfast!).

Step 4- Pull the Cut-N-Seal off your sandwich, pull out if stuck (not a big deal, it happens and will not hurt your sandwich in the least).

The price is right, only $9.00! Such an easy price for such a lifesaver for Boo. Plus, it fits right into my kitchen drawer, takes no more room than a measuring cup.
Enjoy! I love the Cut-N-Seal!! It is perfect for school lunches or snacks. Boo loves opening her lunch box and finding one of these, her friends are often jealous.
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