What I learned this week

This is going to be short and sweet. The couch is calling my name. I finally got the stomach bug that Boo has had not once, but twice this month. Not a good time for any of us.

This week I learned many important lessons. Some are no brainers, some I was surprised by.

– I have some of the greatest friends. Not only do I value their friendship, but I value their children as well. I got Baby Time twice this weekend, and it was the highlight of the weekend!
– Said friends will also see a movie with me that we have both already seen, but want to see again. This is a huge deal, not many would do that…give into my latest obsession.
– If you put something heavy on your keyboard tray, it will break. The tray will hang at a strange angle whenever you need to type, and you will be on the hunt for a new desk (any ideas?)
– I am not as immune to the stomach bug as I had thought, or hoped. It is a not a good time.
– Boo is the most kind hearted child I have ever met. She spent most of yesterday afternoon playing quietly on the computer letting me sleep on the couch. She even came over to check my temp a few times.
– My hubby is a wonderful man. Even though he jokes about splitting me and Boo up so the sickness will stop, he is there taking care of me. What I wouldn’t do without him.

That is what I learned this week. Head on over to Musings of a Housewife to see what everyone else learned.

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