7 years ago, this was my due date.

I hoped and begged that Boo come ON her due date.

Seriously, does that ever happen to anyone? Anyone?

Boo would have had the coolest birthday ever if she had come on her due date: February 2, 2002 or 2-2-02.

That would have been crazy cool.

But no, she was late.

A week late.

I was not a fan.

So 7 years ago today, I was still waiting. And I was not patient either.

Hubby was rubbing my maddening twitchy feet, and buying oranges by the pound.

Everyone at my office was walking on egg shells around me, afraid the scary lady would come out.

I was still healing from a minor medical emergency that almost brought Boo early.

A week late isn’t that bad, but to me it was forever.

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