Only two days left!

This week are the Bloggy Giveaways…and I have entered…maybe 6. But I wanted to tell you about a couple that really got me motivated to enter.

Iowa Geek has a ton of great ones between all her sites:
Iowa GeekBook Giveaway, a Janine King wristlet bag and have your child star in their own DVD.
Have Kid Will Travel: A Kid Take Anywhere Bag, Snack and Play Travel Tray and a Backseat Organizer. Plus, don’t forget all the fun stuff she has on that blog.
Fab Food Friday: A wonderful Janine King Market Tote. I have one of these and I LOVE IT! It goes almost everywhere with me. And while you are there, don’t forget to check out all the wonderful recipe’s. I use her Mac & Cheese all the time now.

Boogers and Burps has a couple great giveaways going too:

Customized Creative Memories pack and National Security Mom book and hoodie.

Go visit these friends of mine, show them some contest love!

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