I guess once this winter isn’t enough

Boo climbed into bed with us around 3 this morning, and I didn’t think anything of it. It was normal, and I had energy to get up and make her go to her own bed.

Hubby, he does not feel the same way…at all. He would love it if I moved her back to her own bed right away, which is why Boo always ALWAYS goes to my side of the bed. And to do that, she has to come into the room, squeeze by my dresser (which is a tight fit) and tap on my shoulder. She must be silent as a mouse so not to wake Hubby. This is not an easy thing, but Boo has it down to an art form, the sneaky little girl.

The point? Well, this morning at 3 am Boo climbed in with me. I just pulled her in and snuggled down. Nothing abnormal about it. Nothing until about 3:15 when I felt like my skin was going to melt off my fingers from the burning that was somehow going on.

Boo has a raging fever.

The only time Boo has a fever is when she has something going on, something not good. We have swollen glands, and white loveliness in the mouth and throat. Not a good sign…not at all.

Boo and I are now curled up on the couch. I finally got her back to sleep, with a dose of Motrin to help the fever. No going back to sleep for me, I won’t get up.

Now we wait for 7:00 to roll around so I can call the clinic and make her an appointment. It’s been almost a month since we have seen her doctor…not to bad for us. lol

Hopefully she feels better tomorrow. She really wants to qualify for the tournament at bowling.

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