To Tears, To Laughter

This past week has been a week of moments. Moving stories, realizations and truths. I have been moved to tears many times this week, some happy and some in need of times of quiet.

Please take a minute to check out these moving moments:

Megan of Fried Okra moved me twice this week. Once when she spoke of Peanut, her baby boy. The bond between a mother and son in undeniable.

The other when she realized something in her had changed, and she was proud of it. She shared it with such honesty, such openness. These are the reasons I read Fried Okra, and love my bloggy knowledge of Megan.

I have been reading Our Moments, Our Memories for some time. I love Jackie’s writing style, and love the stories of her work and family. Like so many bloggers this time of year, resolutions and goals are on our minds. Jackie has one of the BEST blog posts about her resolutions I have read. Take a moment to read it, then love on your family.

One of my besties in real life, MommaMac/Momma Leopard of Leopard Spots has had a rough week on many levels. She is such a wonderful mother, and amazes me whenever she deals with something unexpected. This week, she has had two unexpected, and took them in stride.

First, her sciatica flared up. This leaves her in such pain, and as she puts it “High as a Kite“. After that, she had her first Winter Time accident in the lovely Minnesota we live in. That small fact amazes me alone, never had a Winter Time accident. But, it is just another day to this amazing woman.

Lastly, Jo-Lynne of Musings of a Housewife. This woman is always gets me, either laughing or crying. I love her blog, and love when she pops into my reader.

This week, she took a moment to remember her children. To try to remember what they were like back when they were little itty bitty. It is not something easy to remember, any mother will tell you that. But a special moment with her son brought tears, and wishes.

I am heading off to love on my family. To remember the times past, and be thankful for the time ahead.

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