A wonderful day with Hunter

Today was a fabulous day with Hunter. So often we don’t get the one on one time that I crave. We try to cram as much into the weekends he is here as we can, and don’t sit and just be together.

I miss those times.

But today, I took the day off. Hunter and I had the entire day to ourselves. Boo was at school, so we planned on getting stuff done, but things that we would do together.

First off, jeans shopping. This can be such a trying thing with Hunter. He doesn’t like saying he doesn’t like something, so he will buy almost anything. We grabbed him 9 (yes 9) different styles of jeans, almost setting myself up for disaster. We also grabbed a couple hoodies, because you can never have to many hoodies.

Once we got to the dressing room, he got going. I made (literally made) him tell me two things he loved about each pair and two things he didn’t like. This was hard for him, but once he got going and saw the pile slowly moving down he was all for it.

We ended up with two pair, these being one of them. It was the first time he had “trendy” jeans, and if they weren’t on sale he wouldn’t have gotten them at all (Seriously, $35.00 for kids jeans?? Mine don’t even cost that much!!). He also got a great pair of Levi’s, also on Clearance and very trendy. I haven’t seen him excited about clothes in a long time.

After a lovely lunch with Hunter, we swung into Target to return a book he got, and get some small things. We also updated Hunter and Boo’s wish lists at Target, one of the greatest things any retailer could do. Both kids add to their wish list year round, especially helpful when I am shopping for Christmas in June!

While looking at movies, I saw one that I loved growing up. And it was on sale for $4.50! Adventures in Babysitting! Love it! I loved Thor, and the soundtrack is fabulous. Such a great 80’s movie.

We made our way home, after one more stop. Hunter is now working on his reading project, and will then build a fort with Boo. They promised me 90 minutes of work time, in exchange for Mac & Cheese, Journey to the Center of the Earth and popcorn. I can definitely do that!

Today was the best day with Hunter, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I can’t wait for tomorrow, another great day in the making!

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