Where in the world are the bloggers???

There is an amazing blogger from the East coast that I read daily. Love her!

Musing of A Housewife is always hilarious, generous and well-informed. She is also the creator and co-contributor to Reviewsings.

There is one thing of hers that I am jealous of. She has a great group of Philadelphia Mom Bloggers that she gets together with as frequently as she can.

I wish I had a group here in Minnesota.

So, a mission for myself (and anyone who wants to help me!). I want to find some Minnesota bloggers. I have searched a couple forums, but I am not having luck. I know three fellow Minnesota bloggers, both of them friends, so I don’t know if that even really counts!

Help me out! I am searching, and will let you know what I find. Shoot me an e-mail if you find any!

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