Just keep digging

I am slowly digging my way out of the bloggy avalanche that fell this week. Between being back at work and Boo being sick things got away from me. Last night I spent almost three hours reading blogs.

Yes I said three hours.

I can’t see anymore, but I got a major dent in my reader. So if you have 4 comments in a row from me…that is why. I am doing that again right now, for a little while.

A break from cleaning and laundry.

Boo being sick created a need to sterilize the house, and her sheets needed to be burnt, I mean washed. Towels needs to be re-washed along with some of her stuffed animals. I hate post-sick cleaning.

I spent almost an hour walking around with bleach wipes, wiping every single surface that she even might have touched. Then I did them again. I hate sickness, and I hate cleaning afterwards. I feel like a need a fumigation suit or something. It is not a good time.

Break over, random strange post done. Back to cleaning.

Save me!

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