Tear Jerker

I love watching movies that are made based on books. I always read the book first, before I see any movie. I have to know how it really starts and ends. It is the same way with Broadway shows. I read Wicked before I saw the show, even though the book is NOTHING like the show.

I have stacks of books, and I do mean stacks. There is no organization, but I wouldn’t be without them (hubby may argue that fact if he had his way though). I have large selection of books, from Biographies to Sci-Fi and trashy romance novels. I don’t care, just give me the books!

Many of my books have been made into movies, or televisions shows (Women’s Murder Club). At one point I had very single John Grisham book ever made, and had seen every single movie too.

In the past few years, there have been movies based on the books by Nicholas Sparks. This guy has a ton of great books, ones that I really need to get soon. Four of his books have been made into movies, with rumors of a couple more. I have seen two of these movies, and fell in love with one just recently.

I have been wanting to see A Walk to Remember for such a long time. I read the book when it first came out, shortly followed by the movie.

Mandy Moore plays Jamie, a preachers daughter with a life threatening secret. Shane West plays Landon Carter, a high school senior with dreams of being a doctor. They fall in love, as only high school students can, but this is short lived.

The ending of the movie had me in tears. The things Landon does for Jamie are amazing. He even comes back to visit her father 4 years later.

There is some amazing music in the movie too, both in the school play and a remake of a Tiffany song. I have already downloaded the soundtrack, and can’t wait to listen to it at work tomorrow.

This movie has replaced The Notebook as my favorite movie based on a Nicholas Sparks movie. If they made a movie based on The Wedding that would trump them all though.

Next up, when it comes out on video…Twilight. I.Can’t.Wait! I have read all the books, and am ready for this one.

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