Every Day

There are many times that I wonder what I should do. Should I change jobs (not in this economy!)? Do I change my daughters school, or leave her in the soon to be magnet school? Do I work to find a new way to work our budget (reading Dave right now)?

There are so many choices out there, so many different options. There are times that it is terrifying being an adult, and a parent. Some days I am amazed we made it through at all. How I somehow came to the right choice for my family blows my mind time and time again.

When did I become a grown up? How did this happen to me?

Then I step back and look at Boo. I look at Hunter. I look at Hubby.

I am thankful each day that I have been blessed with so much happiness and so much love.

When I walk in the door after work, Boo is usually the first to meet me. She yells down the stairs, and comes running (as I tell her not to run on the stairs). This is something that won’t last forever, so I am cherishing each moment. When she crawls into my lap just to tell me that she loves me, so worth any stress or frustration she may cause.

Each time Hunter walks through the door, I am the first to meet him. I miss him every day he is gone, and while I don’t talk to him each day, he is always in my head. What is Hunter doing right now? I hope he is having a great day. Every time he leaves our house, I miss him. No matter how frustrated he may make me, he is my Peanut (I just might pay for that later). Even though he is now 11 (going on 25) I can still see the little guy I met so long ago.

Hubby, I can never say enough about Hubby. No matter what has happened, he has always been my rock. He knows my emotions like no other, and can always make me feel better. I love his laugh, his humor, his caring loving heart. Even though during the week we have little time together, it is so worth it to have the 20 minutes of just us each night before he goes to work. Don’t get me wrong, the man can drive me nuts, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I have been so blessed and can’t ever be thankful enough.

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