the Music of the season

You had to know that I would tie music into the holidays right??

I mean come on.

Have we met?

Or are you new?? If you are…Hi! Welcome!

Anyway, back to the music of the season.

One of my favorite memories around Christmas time is from my freshman year of high school. This was the only year that Big Sis and I would be in the same school…EVER. We also were both in Choir, see more music.

For the holiday season all the choirs came together to sing Handel’s Messiah. Man alive, that is some powerful music. Each Choir took a song and had it down cold for the concert. Then, together we all sang Hallelujah Chorus. The power of all the choirs was moving. (I can guarantee that right now, Big Sis is reading this, and singing. I am 100% positive on this one! I think I know which song too, but not completely sure on that one.)

There has always been music tied into holidays growing up. Whether it was the Elvis my dad blared when we got our first CD player, or watching Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas movies and listening to the hilarious songs. Between being the choir and being at home, music was ingrained. I loved every minute of it.

Besides, who doesn’t love Bing Crosby singing with David Bowie…that is one of my all time favorites. You should watch this if you have 4 minutes. They are both amazing. This is right up there with The Blenders. They are a Capella group that is from North Dakota but calls Minnesota home. They have some amazing voices, built for the wonderful holiday season.

So, in the music mood that I am in…I have a $15 itunes gift card to giveaway! How fun is that. You can buy your favorite Christmas music, or give it as a gift.

Now, the rules. There are two ways to enter this lovely giveaway…

1) – Leave me a comment letting me know your favorite holiday music. If you don’t like holiday music I won’t hold it against you, but tell me your favorite song of the moment.

2) Tweet about the giveaway will give you another entry. Make sure you have @FritzFactz if you tweet! If you aren’t on twitter, that is okay. Blog about it instead. This will get you one extra entry.

Tune in Friday around noon for the winner! I will contact the winner via e-mail and order the gift card that same day. If I don’t hear from the winner by Saturday at noon, I will draw another winner.

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