Busy Boo

The weekend is over, and man it was a busy one. After bowling on Saturday Boo and I went to see a movie with Leopard and Cub for Cub’s birthday.

We saw Bolt, and I laughed a ton. The Hamster, Rhino, was hilarious and so was the cat Mittens. I didn’t know that John Travolta was in this, but did know that Miley Cyrus played Penny.

I wasn’t sure what to think prior to the movie, but it was cute. The story was sweet, and the characters are wonderful. The running cross country was predictable, but still worked for this movie.

Boo and Cub sat in front of us, since they are both 6 now we wanted to give them a little freedom while still being in control. Both girls did great during the movie, with only a couple “Sit Down” reminders. I was impressed, and I think Leopard was as well.

After the movie Boo had another birthday celebration, a slumber party. When I dropped her off, I wished the parents good luck and drove home. Boo had a blast, staying up way to late and getting up way to early. The poor thing fell asleep reading a book at 5!

Even though Boo had a long busy weekend, it was nice to have some alone time with Hubby. Things have been so chaotic with work that we don’t hardly get to see each other. This was a wonderful treat for us.

Tomorrow, back to the busy week. Thankfully there are only about two more weeks of chaos. Then one quiet week, and then a week off! I can’t wait for the last week in December!!!

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