Happy Birthday our Miracle

This is my 500th post, and it seems very fitting that this post is about what it is.

1 year ago today, we were all sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner. We were with our families, enjoying the day of thanks.

1 year ago today, my sister and I sat with worry, wonder and suspense. We had gotten the call that our friend was going in for a C-Section, 14 weeks early.

Dinner was quieter than normal, as we all sat and worried. We worried for Kristina, worried for the baby and for the family.

We got the call, that Mikayla was born, and we all sighed in relief. While she was tiny, she was strong. Weighing in at 1 pound 9 ounces she was a fighter, not matter her size. She amazed us all day after day, rolling over after a couple days and being off all breathing equipment after a couple weeks.

Today we celebrating Mikayla. Her crawling, her laugh and her smile. Her tiny little self, her strong lungs and her ability to make anyone laugh with a sound. Mikayla is one strong little girl, who continues to amaze us each day.

In the 12 short months since she jumped into our lives, we have seen so much change. I saw her for the first time two days after she was born, amazed at how small she was. Her Dad’s wedding ring fit around her arm, she fit inside her stocking.

Now, at a small 15 lbs, the girl can move like you wouldn’t belief. She crawls, and walks with assistance. She is eating everything a normal one year old eats, and then some. She has been all over, loves the zoo and loves her brothers. She likes to bang on bowls with spoons, and follow her Mom around the house. Each day she is a little miracle.

We love you Mikayla! Everyday we are Thankful to have you in our lives, and everyday we are amazed by you even more.

(thank you Kristina for the permission to put these pictures up)

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