Bathroom – the final chapter

I realized this morning that I never showed you what our new floor looks like in the bathroom. You can see part 1 and 2 here and here.

The bathroom has been done for almost two weeks, and I LOVE the floor. It is much better than the nasty yellow we had before. The color is a gray/brown swirl pattern. The tile lays flat, so no stubbing toes here! The one downside is the doorway, they put in a ledge thing (no idea what it is called) and it is higher than before. There, I have stubbed my toe…twice.

The workers did a great job, and the mess was minimal. The only follow up we have to have the vents cleaned out, since there is some debris down one of them.
No longer do I worry about falling through the floor, yes I really worried about that. I am so glad that it is done. It only took two days, but it was a long two days of not having our upstairs bathroom.
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