Thank you

The freezing rain has gave way to snow, and the temperature keeps dropping.

Today is Veteran’s Day. A day to honor the veterans and emergency workers in the United States and abroad. Today I think of my Grandpa, Hubby’s Grandpa, our friend Shawn and our wonderful neighbor. All have paid some price for fighting for our country. They gave a part of themselves for us, for our freedom.

Today I also think of the families left to live day to day. Today I have thought a lot about Kim, of Situationally Single Mom. Her husband is serving our country, and she is too. She is keeping the house going, working and being the parent her kids need. She is working everyday to keep moving forward. Forward to the day her husband comes home.

Today think of the loved ones in your life, and think of the others. Give thanks for their service, and pray for their safety wherever they may be.

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