The Camera part 2

Remember when I wanted opinions on a new camera?? Well, we found the one we are getting. We found it right after my birthday, but we have been saving the last little bit needed to get it. It is not a inexpensive camera, and is higher end that what we have now.

This is what we are getting:

This is the PowerShot SX10 IS. Isn’t it pretty…yes it is. This camera only came out a couple months ago, so recently our store only had three in the entire state.
The PowerShot SX10 Is has 20 times optical zoom, 10.0 Megapixel resolution, a 2.5 in twistable screen, face detection and has Cannon’s Optical Image Stabilizer Technology.
Hubby and I played with this at the store for almost an hour when we were debating cameras. Hubby stood on one side of the store, and got a crystal clear picture of a item packaging on the other side of the store, as if he was standing right there. He even took one of Boo that showed the mole she has on her cheek, one that never shows up in pictures. The zoom alone was a selling point for me, but it got so much better.
The memory card is the same as my current Cannon since they implemented a policy that all memory cards must be the same from camera to camera in their line. While I still want to get a larger memory card, this will save us $60 up front. That was huge.
As we played with the camera, we had the chance to see the Face Detection in action. I moved the camera around on Boo’s face, and little box that zero’s in on faces moved right along with me. My Cannon does not do that very well, you have to put the face in the box.
Like I said, this one a bit more than our current camera was, but so worth it. This camera will last us for many years, and is a great buy. I can’t wait for us to get it in the coming weeks.
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