Pay it Forward Friday – Toast on the Ceiling

Guess what!! Pay it Forward Friday is BACK!! Woohoo!!

I am so glad that Wendy over at An Iowa Mom is bringing this back for another run. I found so many great blogs by using her fabulous Mr. Linky!

So, this week I am straying from the rules (already…I know). I have so many wonderful Twitter friends (including Wendy who is NEVER on there by the way) and I would love to highlight one of them.

This week, we are talking about Jennifer over at Toast on the Ceiling. She cracks me up on Twitter, isn’t afraid to voice her opinions, and even feels my pain about the entire Coleman/Franken going on forever Senate race (man ALIVE).

I actually just started reading her blog, have been lurking for awhile (blushing in shame). She wrote a wonderful letter to the President-Elect, watches 17 Kids and Counting (hooked to that by the way) and is learning the way of the Hamster.

Head on over to Toast on the Ceiling and tell Jennifer I said hi!

Take a stop over at An Iowa Mom for more Pay it Forward Friday posts.
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