Do you know what this is?

This strange cool looking thing is a Page Up. I got one for my birthday from a co-worker, and LOVE IT. With all the typing that I do, it makes things so much easier.

Page Ups are document holders that will keep your papers upright, not at an angle. This is wonderful for me, since I have the worst neck pain after long days. This has helped with that tremendously.

Plus, it only takes up as much room as the first class stamp sitting right by it. They small, and that will give you more desk space. How much room does your current document holder take up. Mine took up a ton when it was put to it’s full use.

After I got mine, we tested to see how many pages it could hold up at once. The highest we got was 12, but that is more than many document holders can handle without using a clip.

Page Ups come in a so many wonderful colors, and they even have some that tell time, some that are Silver or Chrome and even some that are shaped differently.

I know that Office Max carries them (I got one there for a friend), and that some shops on Amazon carry them as well.

These are fun, funky and colorful tools for your office. Being only about $8 they aren’t to badly priced either.

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