Our own Mini Mom Club

Last Saturday I got to spend some time with 3 great women, and their kids. In total, there were 11 of us, well 12 if you count the one on the way.

The first was my friend Malia. I have known her since I was 17. We used to bowl together, long ago. She is one of the few people that understands my crazy bowling stories, since she is part of most of them. She is also the one that I went to see New Kids with.

She is wonderful. She has two boys, Kai is 6 (just a bit younger than Boo) and Drew is 8 months. Both boys are so amazing. I got to snuggle Drew off to dream land, and man it was great. Such a great snuggler.

Next is Theresa. I met her the night of the New Kids concert, she rode down with us. She is hilarious! She has three girls, and I can’t keep the names straight. I know her oldest and Boo had a great time putting on shows for us at the playground.

Lastly is Angie. I didn’t meet her before that day, but she was great. Her daughter was the youngest, almost two, but ran with the older kids like she was their age. She was great. Always giving her mom a heart attack climbing up the fun ladders they have at the playground.

Each of the kids brought something different to the group, as did the moms. We each have our personalities, and we meshed so well. the laughter and giggles that followed the day were wonderful to hear, from all of us.

We are even planning a Saturday next month already. I can’t wait to have some grown-up time while the kids get to play. None of the kids wanted to go home, and the parents felt the same way!

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