Super Girl and the Champion!

The kids had the best time Trick or Treating last night. But first, we had to learn what Hunter’s costume was. Due to the lack of turning in homework, he had no say this year. Boo and Gamma picked it out for him. He was nervous.

Boo was Super Girl. She wanted to be this or Bat Girl, but the Bat Girl costume was a bit to short for my tastes. So, Super Girl it was.

Here she is at her school party. I spent the afternoon with about 60 6 year olds. It was a great time, and we made so many crafts.

Hubby left early to get Hunter, so that they were home before Big Sis stopped by to see them. We wanted to give him time to see his costume, and check all the online grades he had made up the past two weeks. When he saw his costume, he loved it. I figured he would, but it is one that you either love or hate.

We picked this one, because Hunter is the Champion. And, he had gotten so excited seeing Michael Phelps on the Corn Flakes box.

Isn’t that GREAT! I loved it. He rocked that out last night. So many people gave him compliments on it, and he even told him that Gamma and his sister picked it out. He was a hit!

Big Sis stopped by with goodie bags for the kids, and to see the costumes. We had kept Hunter’s a secret from her since we got it, and that was pure torture. We even told her hubby, but not her! She was not impressed about being kept out of the loop. She loved it, and laughed when she saw Hunter. He struck a pose. And can I say, that even a day later, my kids are strangely entertained by the tiny Whoopee Cushions she brought them…great.

We left around 5:30 to go to our friends house, have dinner and then hit the streets with 5 kids. It is MJ’s first Halloween, and she had a blast in the stroller, the cute little Chicky that she was. Mr. Z and Mr. W looked great at SWAT team members and Darth Vader. Mr. W and Boo held hands a majority of the night, so we kept laughing and saying “When Good and Evil Unite”. lol

The kids had a blast, and Hubby even got into it wearing his Wild Jersey and sporting a hockey stick all night. He walked the kids to the doors to make sure they said thank you each time. We have stiff penalties for forgetting that key piece. Thankfully, it only took Boo having to miss one a house for everyone to keep it straight.

After we left them, we stopped by Gamma’s so that she could see the kids in their costumes, and she always gives them a Halloween treat bag. This time, there were books involved. Both my kids were excited.

We don’t normally let the kids have any of their candy when we get home. Normally they are so wiped out they don’t even care. So, it was this afternoon before we even went through the loot.

The kids were outside or at a friends house, because otherwise they will want to eat it all right then and there. This just causes less stress.

Actually, this way Hubby can get his own stash for work, and the kids don’t say a word.

When Hunter is with us for Halloween we divide the candy into three piles. One for our house, a bag for Hunter’s house and a bag for Hubby at work. Since Hunter won’t have candy at his mom’s otherwise, this is just easy for him. It also can cause less problems for him and his other sisters later on.

The night was a huge success. The kids had a blast, and the grown ups did too! Hope you all had a great night!

Head on over to 5 Minutes for Mom for more Halloween pictures!

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