Scraping the Night Away!

Last week Big Sis and I spent a night scrap booking…and I do mean a night. The little shop that we go too has Crop Nights a couple nights a month, and they start at 5 and go until 2 am. The store is open during that time, so customers can come in if they need to. I love this shop, small enough that they know their regular customers, but big enough that they have some products even Archiver’s doesn’t have.

We arrived at 5:30 after grabbing a bite to eat. We checked in, got set up, and then just looked a the group of women that were there to get some things done. It amazed me. They can fit 25 at the regular tables, and have 4 “cheap seat” tables on the side. We had a larger table, and thank goodness!

Another great thing is that you can start a tab at the beginning of the night, and as you find things you need add to it. This helped when I realized I forgot my silver paper. Not good when the main wedding colors were blue and silver!

We were both working on our Las Vegas books, and we had a ton of stuff. Even though it had been over a year, we talked about it like it was yesterday. So many memories came flooding back from the wedding, the party and the Bachlorette. It was a great time.

It was a bit intimidating to get going, so many people with so much stuff. I could have walked around for hours looking at the cool tools that I would love to own someday. But we got down to it, and got started.

I have found that starting is always the hardest. Where do you begin? How do you begin? This is especially hard when it is the first page in the book. Big Sis found this out, as she worked on her first page for a long time, making sure it was perfect. And it was gorgeous! I loved it.

As I made more progress, I got into a groove. I kept plugging away, and getting more and more done. I got the extra paper and glue I needed (since I forgot…real smart). But, there came a point where I didn’t know where to go with a certain page, and that is where having my sister there helped a TON. She gave me an idea, and away it went. It turned into my favorite set of pages.

The Elvis pictures always crack me up. I loved that he was at the reception, and gave them their “Elvis Vows” in front of everyone.

Here is the beginning of the Bachlorette pages. Can’t show those pictures, really just not appropriate for a family friendly blog. But it was a time to remember!

Here is another simple yet wonderful page. Big Sis and BIL had a great little guide put together for all the guests (they went to 5 different hotels dropping off goody bags). It had the wedding day schedule, where we would meet and about transportation. It also gave some great highlights of attractions that were free or inexpensive. This is the cover, and I love it!

Big Sis does have two tools that I would LOVE to have. She has a great scrap booking bag, on wheels. I am jealous. It holds (almost) all her stuff, and is so easy to transport.

But the big thing, and something that she love having is her Cricut. This thing is AMAZING!!! I used it on the Elvis page, and the Drag show page. It was so easy, and so fun to use. I didn’t have to cut anything! I do have to buy her a new cut sheet, since I abused it so much. I think this will be my next saving project, since they are almost $300! But so worth it.

It was a great time. We had so much fun spending some non-kid-non-football time together. We got to talk about things besides the normal, and that is great. We don’t get to do that enough. We are going to go again in a few weeks, it was a blast.

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