Did you know

Did you know that when the bolt that holds your toilet down rusts through, water will leak into your sub-floor?

Neither did I.
Or that it would leak into the kitchen ceiling and leave a water mark that started pealing.

But that is what we are dealing with. Thankfully we rent, so we don’t have to pay for it, or really deal with it except for the mess.

Today they are coming to rip up the linoleum and the sub-floor. They will lay a new floor, and tomorrow come lay the new (yippee) linoleum. We will be without a toilet in that bathroom until Friday, but we have another bathroom, so that is fine. We will be able to use our shower tonight, but won’t have a sink until Monday. That means…no using that toilet. Especially with all the nastiness that is going around.
I am excited about the new linoleum…look at that nasty yellow stained stuff! I have hated it for three years, since we moved here. I can’t wait for that. The office swears the new stuff will be wonderful.
Hunter’s room looks like a hurricane went through it. Since he has the most room, that is where everything is being stored. Poor guy.
So, I am off to close doors and make sure we have the room empty. It will be a interesting couple days.
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