19 years, and one month almost to the day that I first saw them in concert, I saw New Kids on the Block again. I was 10 years old the first time, and so many things have changed since then.

I think Joey said it best during the concert “Our fans can drink now, and there are a lot of females rubbing their stomachs. You could double our ticket sales with all the babies”.

It was a great concert, and I had a blast. They sounded great, the dancing was great and the effects were great.

Okay…who am I kidding. The guys looked great, and it was well worth losing my voice. I kept telling myself that I wasn’t going to be “That girl”. You know the one, screaming and dancing all around.

Yeah…I was totally that girl the minute the lights went out. We got a ton of pictures, and they turned out pretty good, they are below.

Here is the opening of the show. The song is their newest release, Single. They played a lot of their new songs (here is Click Click Click, Grown Man and Twisted), but they also sang some of their old songs, Tonight, Step By Step, Hanging Tough and I’ll be Loving You to name a couple.

There is something new about them though. They aren’t little boys anymore, and their songs now reflect it. They are more…gown up lyrics to the new songs, but they are grown up. Boo loves the old albums, but she doesn’t get to listen to many of the new songs.

The opening of the show

I Believe in You


The Pose Off (this was hilarious)

At the end of the show – after Hanging Tough

We had great seats, and were so close for everything. It was a great time, and I would go again in a heart beat!!

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