I love the Bowling Alley!

There are many mile stones for kids. The start of school, learning to ride your bike, loosing your first tooth (two of three isn’t bad for Boo).

For my kids, there is milestone that not many children have.

When Boo started bowling last year, she was a “Mat Rat”. The roll a mat halfway down the lane, and she bowled from there. Around Christmas time, they took away the mat, and she started bowling from the foul line. By the end of the season, she was taking a couple steps before she threw the ball.

When this season started, she was down with the “Mat Rats”, but not using the mat. She would bowl with John, a young man that has had a challenging life. She loves bowling with John, and can make him laugh like no one else. Her coaches set a goal that by Christmas she bowl with the regular kids, the kids her age and her level of play. She didn’t think she would be ready, but said ok.

This past Saturday, and pulled into the parking lot of the bowling alley, Boo asked if she could bowl with Hunter. I told her that Hunter already had a full team, but we could ask if there was a team that needed someone that she could play with. There was! There were actually two. Both teams were not there this week, but would be back next week. No problem. She got to bowl with her former “Mat Rat” team mates.

She bowled all three games (for the first time all season), and did pretty well. Especially since it was her first week with the regular kids, even after a rough start. She was so excited she forgot how it bowl. It was hilarious.

She even picked up a 4-7-9 split, which is not easy. If her ball had been going any faster, it would have missed. I stood up and cheered, which is funny when you are at a bowling alley.

I am so proud of Boo, she has worked so hard for this. I can’t wait for this week, to see what else she can achieve.

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