My Hubby turned 31 on Friday. Happy Belated birthday to my wonderful Hubby!!

He spent the day with the kids, since they were on break, and I had to work. They “took” him out to lunch (meaning he paid). He said they had a good time.

Friday night we went to his parents house for dinner, and his siblings, their spouses and a niece and nephew were all there. We were missing one nephew…and I still think he is avoiding me! After some horse play, and watching the kids chase each other around the year, it was time for spaghetti bake (my mother in laws recipe, not Jody’s, which I still need to make). It was yummy, as always.

After dinner, all the grown ups…well the siblings bolted for the door, and headed out for a cocktail to honor Hubby. Being the middle child, he isn’t the oldest, and enjoys rubbing that in to his brother. His sister likes rubbing it in to both of them. That makes for lots of laughs.

I ended up leaving around 10 to get the kids home, they had bowling on Saturday. Hubby ended up sleeping at his parents, and his Dad dropped him off the in the morning. He was in rough shape, but had a blast. That is the most important thing to me. I ended up taking Boo and Hunter to bowling, and he slept until we got home.

He says it was a great birthday. That is great, since his two best friends were both out of town for work this past week.

Happy Birthday Hubby!! I love you a ton!!!

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