The past week has been filled with conferences, school break (didn’t they just start?), power cleaning, thinking and figuring out life’s next move. It has been a busy week, and one that I wouldn’t give back for anything. I got to read more with Boo, snuggle up with the Hubby and stress about Hunter without interruption. It was glorious!

But, I missed this. The writing, the rush…and the not having almost 200 posts in my reader…man alive.

So, here I am, back again. Hopefully this unexpected break will help me recharge in my bloggy mind. I have been sort of drained of useable ideas for the past few months. I thought it was getting back into school that did me in, but I was simply drawing a blank. I struggled each day to think of something, anything to blog about, and nothing would really come. The sporadic posts were frustrating me more than anything, since I am such an all or nothing girl.

So, recharged, refocused and ready to go! Let’s see what happens!

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